I'm super inclined to migrate all my Github repositories to @codeberg 😁

I'll migrate some today and try to integrate Woodpecker ( to see how things will work.

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@yisraeldov @codeberg I need to say that I like Sourcehut more than Codeberg. The email workflow is just better in my opinion, but I think that most contributors don't know, and don't want to learn, how to use this workflow.
I migrated a Github project with a lot contributors to Sourcehut and all of them stopped to contribute because of the email workflow 😟
It's important to me that people will actually find and feel comfortable to contribute.
That's why I think Codeberg could be good.

@karl @codeberg I agree, I would like the work flow better. Using email etc, and not having to run a browser . But I feel like people these days would feel more comfortable with some web-app.

git, by its self is a great tool and I wish people would learn how to use it.

We just keep re-inventing the wheel.

@karl @codeberg I would love to hear how that goes, though I think codeberg is also working on ci, too....

@tychosoft @codeberg yeah, I can start my blog with a post about this change πŸ™‚
They're working on CI:
But while they don't implement this I will try to integrate a CI running on my server.

@karl @codeberg being able to host ci ourselves if we wish will take a burden off codeberg for those who can set that up.

@tychosoft @codeberg for sure! I'll definitely will keep using my hosted CI as I have room on my server for that :)
I'm just waiting to know how Codeberg will limit the use as I don't want crypto mining PRs on my repos using my server.

@karl @codeberg

woodpecker > drone because of its usability in commercial projects? Or are there other reasons for you to prefer it?

@hanser @codeberg Drone is a great product, but I don't like their business model. Its just that πŸ™‚
I feel more safe running a community based fork of it.

@karl @hanser @codeberg I use woodpecker with Codeberg and it works well. Maybe not as smooth as Drone but quite well. I wrote a short article once on how to set up Woodpecker in Docker for Codeberg:

@lomion @hanser @codeberg thank you for that :) I had to follow Drone docs to get the env variables for gitea as woodpecker don't have that documented.
I'll compare what I did with the information from your post. πŸ™‚

If you encounter any blockers, please make sure to document them, so others won't hit them. Making a Pull to the Woodpecker Docs shouldn't be too hard and is highly appreciated by us, too πŸ˜‰

@lomion @hanser

@codeberg @lomion @hanser sure :) I will!
Can you tell me more about the plans to have CI on Codeberg?

Hmm, in short: We want to set up Woodpecker with Gitea integration as a hosted service for Codeberg and give projects access to it on demand (at first, and see how it evolves). We're looking into some resource control and how to allow projects to only automatically build pulls of authorized users to avoid abuse (e.g. for Cryptomining, they often send a pull which executes a script and takes the credits of FLOSS projects)

We're currently adding missing bits to Woodpecker itself, ...
@lomion @hanser

... can see some recent commits from the Codeberg team

One of our developers is now even a member of Woodpecker, very proud of this collaboration ...

There is no real timeline, we're experimenting with new deployment methods, the server setup and Woodpecker and see how fast we can make it into an Alpha phase πŸ™‚

@lomion @hanser

@codeberg @lomion @hanser that's really great! I'm glad to see such involvement on this topic and also the collaboration on Woodpecker :)

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